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Director of the Bereavement Counseling Center for Children and Families - Thessaloniki, “Merimna”, Society for the Care of Children and Families in Illness and Death

Constantia (Dina) Tselepi completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Psychology at the Moscow State University "Lomonosov" (1988-1993). She has also obtained specialized training in Systemic Family Therapy and Counseling, at the Systemic Institute of Thessaloniki (S.I.TH.) and in Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents. Moreover, she was trained in bereavement support for children and adolescents, and has been specialized in the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (E.M.D.R.) intervention, used with traumatized adults and children.

She has extensive clinical experience, given that she has been the Director of the Service for People with Disabilities at the Municipality of Sykies, Thessaloniki (1999-2003) and member of the Specialist Educational Staff, ‘’KEDDY’’ - Psycho-diagnostic and Counseling Center for students, families and school communities at Trikala (2003-2013).

She concurrently participated as a member of “Merimna’s” psychosocial team by providing psychological support to students, parents, and educators at the community of Farkadona, following the fatal road traffic accident at Maliakos (2004-2007), and to 120 schools affected by the Peloponnese wildfire disaster 2007-2009).

Since 2013, she is the Director of the Bereavement Counseling Center for Children and Families in Thessaloniki, operated by “Merimna”, the nonprofit organization for the care of children and families in illness and death. Over the past 5 years she has assumed a leading role in the training and clinical supervision of field workers who support unaccompanied refugee children.